Are your buildings and equipment being properly maintained?

Buildings and/or equipment must be properly maintained. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 211.58 Maintenance), any building used in the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug product shall be maintained in a good state of repair.

A company recently received the following observation:

….. Buildings and equipment used in the manufacture of APIs are not properly maintained.


  1. There is no door or adequate protective screening of the catwalk adjacent to the … conveyor in the back of the …. area which protects and restricts potential introduction of contamination from filth or infestation of animals/pests inside the manufacturing plant. The current protection of a rectangular piece of cloth suspended by a black cable tied to the utility lines is insufficient and not GMP.
  2. The exhaust line to the … used to remove … fine particle dust became so clogged that the blockage caused the blowback of … fine powder on the main API production plant floors, handrails, equipment, control panels, and personnel. Production was not halted until a … was performed.
  3. I observed liquid leaking from a pipe fitting …, identified as a liquor (saturated … solution) transport line, adjacent to the … which transports purified wet … to the ….
building and equipment properly maintained

For more information on how to maintain a proper facility, refer to the following:  FDA’s Investigations Operations Manual Issued 2021, Q7 Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Issued September 2016 and FDA’s Regulatory Education for Industry Presentation: Facilities and Equipment cGMP Requirements.

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