Why should I subscribe to GMP trends?

GMP Trends helps you stay up to date on the latest observations being made by the FDA. Read GMP Trends’ relevant, real-time, and unbiased analysis to formulate your quality strategy. Don’t make the same mistakes as other companies; learn from their mistakes.

Bi-Monthly Publication, Annual Report, Special Topics

All of these reports give you insight as to what the FDA is looking for when they come to your facility for inspection.

Use this information to train your employees on different topics. Show examples of what other facilities are getting cited on. Help ensure your facility is not making the same mistakes.

Auditors (internal audits or vendor audits)

Use these reports to help you determine what you should focus on during your audit. See if your facility or the facility you are auditing is making the same mistakes.

Department Managers

Use the search feature on our website to search topics related to your department. Review errors being made by other facilities. Review the same things in your department. Are you making the same mistakes? Are there additional things you could be doing to enhance your systems and procedures?

Managers / Owners

Review the observations being cited. Determine if you have adequate staff to address similar issues in your facility. Having a robust quality system in place is the best way to mitigate downtime for equipment breakdowns, loss of product due to errors etc.

Facility Inspection Reports

This is a useful tool for auditors to see if vendors or potential vendors are having inspections and what they are being cited for. This is also a useful tool for support businesses (data integrity, cleaning validation, equipment maintenance, stability support, etc.) to see who might benefit from their product by looking at the citations being noted and then marketing to those businesses.

Free Resources

Developed to help you prepare for your next inspection. Be ready at any time.

Standard Operating Procedures Template

This template helps you establish a procedure for the creation, approval, storage and distribution of standard operating procedures (SOP).

Annual Product Review Preparation Package

This Preparation package includes templates and checklists to help you avoid common mistakes when producing your APR.

FDA Inspection Preparation Checklist

Our FDA inspection checklist gives the user a description of critical preparatory steps to take in order to be ready for the next time the FDA comes knocking at the door.